Thursday, 24 January 2013

Stuff happens when you do stuff

Not only do views to your blog go up (hello, double digits!), but you also generate a lot more activity on your photo existence, too, it seems. I had given up the site 500px for a few months because thought the pix were just too pretty, too polished, too perfect.

I still think that sometimes, but there's no denying the quality of the contributions there and I can learn a lot from what I see. So, I've been busy marking several shots "favorites" and sharing some of them on Facebook as well.

This has, as of late, provoked a surprising uptick in activity on my own page. Comments, likes and favorites have come my way as well. Instagram, too.

Which is nice. My mission with these pictures, as you can read in my profile, is to improve everyday aesthetics. Sometimes I get down on myself for taking "easy" pictures of subjects that don't move. And the last thing the world needs is another pretty picture of something that doesn't move. 

Still, I am trying to get better at shooting people and I have no yen to do the kind of work that my friend Tony does, though I do admire the guy's approach.



1 comment:

Lola said...

I like your pictures - I think you have a great eye and you're able to bring a little something different even to the 'easy' shots.