Friday, 20 March 2009

still more iPoems, two lines only

still find it odd that this hasn't caught on. Maybe if i do it on twitter.

Your Love Your Lies

You've got her in your pocket. You've got everything now.

You've got everything now. You've got a lot of nerve.

You shook me. You send me.

You never wash up after yourself. You never give me your money.

You gotta move. You got to go home.

Welcome to the working week. Welcome to the occupation.

We're the same. We're not alone.

We are all on drugs. We are all alone.

Tukka Root's riddim. Tubas in the moonlight.

Tiny voices, Tiny dancer.

Thought it would be easier. Thought I knew you.

Thou sweet Thorn in my side.

There goes the fear. There goes my gun.

That's not the issue. That's not really funny.

Friday, 13 March 2009

I give up

I'm never going to write as well as the AV Club.

"Craven’s Last House existed in response to the carnage coming back from Vietnam and the sense of disillusionment and nihilism that was rippling through the culture; it’s a little like the Gimme Shelter of horror movies, where even the hippies are driven to savagery."

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Why I love The Onion's AV Club

From this week's "My Year of Flops" review: The Love Guru

A smart, talented, accomplished writer-actor like Myers spending years meticulously creating, rehearsing, and refining an obnoxious one-note cartoon like Guru Pitka is a like a group of brilliant scientists working around the clock for a decade to build a malfunctioning fart machine: a surreal waste of time, energy and manpower.

No line, indeed

Dear Bono,

I know you care. No one would doubt that. And hey, I respect that. It takes a lot of guts to care and be seen to care, what with the risk of looking the fool in front of everyone you know. Maybe that's the reason behind those D&G shades.

I know you care because in the liner notes to many of your albums, including your new one, you ask us to support Greenpeace. As we know, Greenpeace is an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting our natural world. One of its tenets is recycling. I know because i went to its web site and looked.

Which is why i was so disappointed with the packaging for your your band's new album, No line on the horizon. As i struggled to release the disc from its protective plastic film, i wondered: Such an innovative band. They care sooooo much. Yet their art comes in such environmentally hostile, not to mention mundane, packaging.

I was disappointed not because I know how many jewel cases end up in landfills each year or how how many toxic chemicals were used to manufacture them. No, I was disappointed because the impression it had on me: that a band so concerned with its image, that understands the power of symbols and simple messages would be so inattentive to this, its most visible product. The medium, it seemed, was at odds with the message contained within.

If it's any consolation, Bono, i really like the new album. Even if the critics apart from the suckups at Rolling Stone are pretty much so-so.