Thursday, 4 March 2010

States of American States

Tony had the vernissage for his American States show at Exposure Gallery tonight.


Man, I love that word.


Anyway, seeing as Tony's written that his work down in various American States is as much about his state of mind as what's on the license plates, thought I'd write this post in kind:
  • Lonely: The people in these shots are often on their own. Even when they're not, they suggest no connection to the people around them. His shots of empty spaces - places where people used to live, work and play but no longer do - are even lonelier.
  • Surreal: The people in these shots are often dwarfed by signs, trucks, guns, and other objects. They wait for a resolution that will never come, like characters in a Samuel Beckett play who aren't in on the joke.
  • Happy: They served beer at this event.
  • Thankful: A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these pictures will go to the Ottawa Mission.
  • Impressed: Exposure Gallery is on the 2nd floor of Thyme and Again and is available for small corporate gatherings and receptions. They cater. 
  • Excited: Westboro's galleries have started a monthly art walk. They call it "First Thursday." Every month from 5 to 9 PM they open their doors. Take a stroll, be amazed.
  • Inspired: On the way back to the car I took this picture of the world's loneliest lamp.


croskery said...

great write up, love the lamp pic

Delaney Turner said...

thanks - were you there? also, i have to thank @scottoakley for the lens that made the lamp pic possible.