Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Disappointed in Apple's "Magic"

So Apple calls its iPad is a "magical" new device.


How disappointing.

What I really liked about Apple was that they seemed to work harder on their products - they thought harder about the user experience, they made more of an effort to integrate hardware and software. All of those intangibles added up to products that were easier and more fun to use. Their entire ad campaign for a long time was based on the word "think." And from what I've read, Steve Jobs is an absolute demon to work for.

So what happened with the iPad? Did Jobs and his engineers just sprinkle pixie dust on some iPhones and call it a day?

I doubt it. But I also know that no company pays more attention to its branding than Apple. The use of "magic" was not an accident. So what gives?

I admit I'm puzzled.

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