Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Dragon's Den Musings

ok, this is a repeat. i've seen these magic people before. still, i think this show is a hoot.
ok folks, maximize the lump. the coal thing is good. cute. cottage industry. i can see buying it at sugar mountain. or joint ventures with candy companies. go that way. don't do the lump of love way. that just sounds wrong.

ok, electricity guy. nice self-deprecating touch with the tshirt. looks like someone who'd invent something like this. 3rd time - still can't explain his concept. needs marketing help.
"after i electrocuted myself the second time..."
maybe some first aid, too.
he wants to build power plants. ok. nice idea. isn't electricity regulated?
guess not. he got the deal.

next up...
math game. um, ok. count me out. i hate sudoku. the guy's excited.  that's hard to kill. oh, now he looks crushed.

"oh, perfect. another board game."

"because i'm stupid." but...can i still have your money?

eesh. board games are a difficult business. killer.

in other news, canadian kids eating habits lousier than ever. sometimes more information doesn't change behavior, people. everything about our approach to food is wrong.

Jason from Windsor looks nervous. i admit it can be terrifying to do this.
his wife doesn't exude confidence. still not sure what they're selling. jesus, i feel for these people.
plus, google calendars are free. bingo.

womens' workwear. cool. nice work.

i really don't like these commercials for this probiotic drink. i'm not going to name it, thereby giving it some more free publicity. but this whole campaign looks cheap and rushed. kinda like a non-election ad from the Liberals.

I like this Jim Treliving guy. he rarely invests but he's pretty shrewd. I never eat at Boston Pizza, though. I hear it's not bad, kinda, if you need pizza. Though they did do those insufferable talking baby ads.

well, that's enough. time to play with photos.

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