Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Brain Droppings

Things that fell out of my head on the train to TIFF.
  • I think my socks are on inside out. Are my socks on inside out?
  • Why don't we get the Globe and Mail?
  • What is it about electronic communications that once you're immersed in it you need it all the time? If it's analgous to oral culture, then I can see how the sudden lack of it can cause major dislocation. But that's a post and PhD for another time. 
  • Eating outdoors - even if it's next to the train tracks - is one of life's great joys.
  • Railroads are the spine of this country. Rail ties are its ribcage.
  • I remember every photo I didn't take. I would describe them for you, but that would take too long. 
  • Sometimes we lose sight of the amazing things our brains come up with when we're not constantly stimulating them with crap from YouTube.
  • Jesus, my handwriting is awful. Even for me. Those aren't even letters. What the hell are those? The last vestiges of print-based culture, no doubt.

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