Tuesday, 4 November 2008

On TV at the dawn of a new age

TVO:  10 days to war
Global: "I'm looking for 53 calamaris! let's go!"
A-Channel: "This nightmare is going to end. I didn't know I was doing anything illegal."
CTV: That's Ohio's flag.  Put up Cuba's flag....I knew it!
CBC: Allison Smith is wearing nice pearls. Very Leave it to Beaver.
NBC: Brian Williams' tie knot is too narrow. People people people, it's a double windsor now...don't you ever pick up a magazine?
TVA: ben, quoi? calis..
TQS: allez..le but! let but!
CBS News: "Clinton overreached in the minds of many."
CTV (?) : Lloyd Robertson is still alive? 
The Shopping Channel: "We use a lot of nice butters."
ABC: Wow...can't people hold the camera steady?
The Weather Network: Overnight, 9 degrees. 
Vision TV: If you're really going after God, brace up.
Newsworld: Peter Mansbridge is getting old man nose.
Spike: Couture vs. Lesnar, Nov. 15. I don't care how many tattoos Lesnar has, my money's still on Couture until he shows he can't do it.
Another french chanel: "one hundred percent. y'all just ripped the show for me." (subtitles)
AMC: Rocky! Get up, Rocky!

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