Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hail, Hail Freedonia...

Ok. So GM, Ford and Chrysler go cap in hand to Washington asking for $25 billion or else last one out turn off the lights. They say thank-you, now we need $25 billion more, or you know, good luck finding parts for your 1998 Lumina.

Maybe they've been watching too many old movies, and I'm none too keen to imagine Ben Bernanke as an elderly dowager, but I gotta say i'd be interested to see what the new Buicks would look like with Groucho at the helm (the joke kicks in around 1:30).

In other news, I think i'm giving up on documentaries on freaks, wierdos, subcultures and outsiders. I've seen The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Dog Town and Z-Boys and this evening I'm an hour through American Hardcore and I could easily say they're the same movie. Ok, maybe Dog Town and Z-Boys has the best soundtrack (Sorry, Daniel, but i just don't hear the Beach Boys in your manic chordings), but documentaries done by fanboys and insiders, interviewing fanboys and insiders about how cool it was to be a fanboy and insider, no matter how strong they start, always end up with me feeling like i'm on the outside of an inside joke. and seeing as i only wanted to watch the damn dvd because i tend to find freaks and outsiders interesting, i really find this a common failing. What all three of these flicks needed was some external voices or opinions to bring us - the uneducated but curious viewer - into the story to understand why the freaks and outsiders we're watching are/were so GD important. Kinda like what this guy says. But seriously - I only read it the day after the dvd was on its way back to zip.ca

Oh well. I'm sure I'll cope.

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