Tuesday, 26 March 2013

14 things about SXSW Interactive 2013


Seeing as SXSW Interactive is dedicated to building the World of the Future, let's assume for a moment that the event itself - specifically, the Austin Convention Center and surrounding area of downtown Austin - actually was that future. What would it be like?

A few observations:

  1. In a virtual world, the physical would still matter. Meeting authors and thinkers in person would still be an invaluable experience.
  2. The best-laid plans would still go awry: sessions would fill up, rain would slow you down.
  3. Serendipity would still exist: a stroll through the trade show area took me back to Antofagasta in more ways than one.
  4. Meaning would still exist, but perhaps only in the aggregate. One tweet is a fart in the wind. Thousands of tweets is a barometer of an industry.
  5. It would be crowded. 
  6. Free rides would always be appreciated.
  7. Until it's available as an app, you would still line up for food.
  8. Vine did to video what Twitter did to text.
  9. Everyone would be pleasant until the shuttle ran late. 
  10. All men would wear beards. 
  11. You would be your own company. You would have access to everything they do. You would compete on analytics and win on value.
  12. Accomplishments would trump credentials.
  13. You would be an asset in someone else's friend portfolio. You'd know your value to people you value.
  14. Social success would be the result of Authenticity + Emotion + Analytics.

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