Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Rome-ing, part 2

In which our host keeps a running tab of his thoughts during this year's Champions League Final:

First Half:
  • In Rome there are sports and there are bars. Yet there are no sports bars. 
  • I've yet to see a Bayern kit that doesn't look dorky.
  • More people here now. This is good. This is perfect.
  • I can just sit back and enjoy the game, safe in the knowledge that Chelsea won the domestic double and ManU won SFA.
  • K. Kickoff. Inter looks composed. Bayern looks jittery.
  • Wow. We really, really overparent back home. To my now-conditioned eyes, EU parents look almost criminally negligent. Where's the bag? Where's all the stuff? You can't go out with a kid without stuff, can you?
  • How nice not to hear Don Cherry.
  • 14:16 - ok, both sides settling down now.
  • Lots. Of. Diving. jeez loueez.
  • Europe still runs on people.
  • Well, I always do get kinda sick when I travel. Perhaps a week of 16-hour days has something to do with it?
  • Why is the announcer calling them "Bayern Monaco?"
  • Arjen Robben has explosive quickness.
  • Robben vs. Sneijder is a key matchup, methinks. Just better be sure they don't injure each other before the World Cup.
  • Wow. Bayern sure are an ugly bunch.
  • I think I'm going to start writing in all caps and serif fonts. I'm starting to like it.
  • Bayern is dominating possession by 2/3 but not doing much with the ball. "keep away! keep away!"
  • Poor dogs. Wonder if they ever get to walk on grass in this town.
  • Lots of shots for Bayern, none of them tough.
  • Replay: perfect first touch from the goal kick. Perfect angle on the pass. Perfect finish. No chance for Butt.
  • Inter wants more now. You can feel it.
  • Odd that people see this as a "Germany vs Italy" thing. I mean, the "German" team is coached by a Dutchman and their star player is French. The "Italian" team is coached by a Portuguese who's on record as hating the Italian soccer establishment, and their star striker is from Cameroon.
  • Inter is moving it well. They've got the angles down. Mourinho really has them in a groove. Bayern by comparison is boring. They've gotta come up with something soon or it's all gonna be over. They really, really miss Ribery.
  • How about that. Christophe Lambert makes wine.
  • A lot has changed in Europe in the last 20 years. Not the music, though. That still sucks.
  • Hmmm...there are no direct routes back to the hotel. Or to anywhere else, for that matter.
  • Funny ad for a GPS: A very old, very tired stork flying around with a very old man. 
Second Half
  • Wow. The runway at the Madrid stadium has granite filigreed walls. These are the new cathedrals, people. Logos the new iconography.
  • Chance for Bayern. Well, ok, that was something. But they still look unsure. Lots of "i got it, you take it" going on.
  • So, if Inter does take it, do we have to add an asterisk? *Yah, but without Ribery it was easy...
  • Do peanuts count as dinner?
  • Where's my autographed copy of Fabrizio's Return? I think I lent it out and it never came back.
  • Another easy one for Julio Cesar. Well, at least Bayern are trying.
  • Ok. Now that was close.
  • These are really crappy napkins.
  • Getting sleepy. 
  • GOAAAALLLLL! Milito di nuovo!
  • Made them look very foolish.
  • Some American teens behind me are trying to figure out their Euros. Guys, it's simple: the bigger the bill, the more beer it will buy.
  • Nearly 4 days in Rome and I haven't seen one backpack. Bless.
  • 76th minute: Robben still playing like he cares, but I think his supporting cast has checked out.
  • Olic coming out. There's the white flag right there.
  • Quit complaining, van Brommel. You know your cleats were up.
  • Inter playing with purpose. Bayern is just passing it around.
  • 86th minute. Bayern gets it into the 18-yard box, Inter calmly removes it.
  • Possession time: Bayern - 69 percent. Astounding. Yet nothing to show for it. Paging Monsieur Ribery....
  • 91st minute: Enter Materazzi. You could say i have mixed feelings about seeing him win.
  • final whistle. The Special One is now ever more Special. Now. Where can I find a cab?

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