Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Delaney Turner Collection, Item #7

Bishop's Move Tobacco Tin, Circa 1910

Were the owner still 20 and into getting high, this would no doubt make a perfect stash. Cheerfully blasphemous and, according to the vendor, at least 100 years old, this tin was purchased during a trip to London's Portobello Road Market. Though it was at the time the only one of its kind the owner had ever seen, he has since discovered many other examples available on eBay for about 15 bucks. Though his friend attempted to discourage the visit because, sigh, "only tourists go to Portobello Road," the owner enjoyed himself immensely and found a stroll down the street a perfect way to fight off jet lag. During the visit he also saw American actor Aaron Eckhart shooting pictures of people on the street, evidently taking advantage of some down time while shooting The Dark Knight. Later, the owner saw some of Eckhart's photos in magazine, but not of the people he was shooting that day.

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