Friday, 20 March 2009

still more iPoems, two lines only

still find it odd that this hasn't caught on. Maybe if i do it on twitter.

Your Love Your Lies

You've got her in your pocket. You've got everything now.

You've got everything now. You've got a lot of nerve.

You shook me. You send me.

You never wash up after yourself. You never give me your money.

You gotta move. You got to go home.

Welcome to the working week. Welcome to the occupation.

We're the same. We're not alone.

We are all on drugs. We are all alone.

Tukka Root's riddim. Tubas in the moonlight.

Tiny voices, Tiny dancer.

Thought it would be easier. Thought I knew you.

Thou sweet Thorn in my side.

There goes the fear. There goes my gun.

That's not the issue. That's not really funny.


ingrid said...

everybody's gonna be happy
close to jazz.

one evening
you're gonna miss me.

i love being here with you
who loves the sun.

eternity is
sand colour classic

love is natural
one evening

sweet potato
amazing life


clay said...

velvets. niiice.

ingrid said...