Monday, 1 December 2008

Ink fetish, but no tattooos

i had an idea to write about pens. along the lines of, "is it too much to ask for pens that look like pens?"

see, i'm kind of a pen fetishist. a big one. the only pens i really enjoy writing with (when i do write by hand, and even then my handwriting, never sterling to begin with, has deterioriated to the point of scribble) are Uniball Deluxe Micro, with black ink. but being fresh out lately, i've been forced to forage for these wierd, bulbous-looking things that i don't know whether or not to twist, click, pray to, or what, just to be able to write.
frankly, they scare me. half the time they're as thick as breakfast sausage and in some dayglow color - very close to the kind of personal play toy you'd find at some of your finer adult shops.
but then i thought, who cares about pens? is that really enough to write about? is that what i devote my brain power to in my off-hours?
how sad.
so i decided that i'd instead keep that post, and that particular fetish - to myself.

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Renee said...

Ha! My Xmas list submitted this year asked for:
Pens: Uni-ball Vision Elite (blue and/or black)