Monday, 25 August 2008

Things you think about when you're being held in priority sequence...

We are in the era of fiddling. Behold:
  • FM Transmitters that kinda work, sorta. Apart from cel phones, the biggest sham ever perpetrated on the ipod-buying public. Want some static with that song? Just enough to annoy the fuck out of you while you're trying to stay awake on the 401? There's plenty of models to choose from.
  • iPod synching. Just try to squeeze one more song on there. Go ahead. I dare you.
  • Any technology-related tech support. No one is looking forward to helping me get the best out of my router. (Hello, Linksys...helloooooo). If my call was so valuable, why is this my third fucking try? Why should I even NEED to know my fucking router IP address?
  • How did my keyboard switch to french? WTF?

Teak oil really stinks. But it works wonders.

I like peaches.

Now even the tech tech...supp.....ort...

The Pizza Pizza guys always get my address wrong. Why is my order outsourced to India when the place that bakes the friggin thing down the street?

I'm not putting in the time to make this worthwhile. At least I don't think so. what do you think? Helloooo...Linksys...

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