Monday, 21 July 2008

Someone who gets it, part 1

So there we were in Syracuse. Our first three options for weekend parking dashed (the homeless shelter is down the street, see? and some of the homeless guys like to sleep in the cars. so I wouldn't park here overnight), our last hope rested in the hands of sympathetic desk clerks at the hotel. I won't say which hotel, since the story I'm about to recount may, ironically, get the poor guy fired after all, but suffice to say were really, REALLY hoping he'd let us park there for the weekend. See, there was the sign at the entrance saying "FOR HOTEL GUESTS ONLY." but after a few awkward pauses, he let us park there for the weekend.

"There's no problem at all, sir," he said. "Enjoy the weekend."

I can only imagine, or maybe project, the sheer terror that went thru this guy's mind when he said this. But hey, Carroll, a shout out to you for getting it. If your hotel chain comes up in conversation, i'll be sure to give it the good word.

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